46 times BuzzFeed totally fucked up my quiz results

  • Screen-Shot-2013-09-12-at-9.12.24-AMWhat Is Your Most Underrated Quality?
    • What is this, some sort of sick joke? I’m totally a good listener.
  • Which Jennifer Lawrence Movie Character Are You?
    • Ree from Winter’s Bone, are you fucking kidding me?! I’m definitely Katniss Everdeen, get it together
  • Which “Game Of Thrones” Villain Are You?
    • Roose Bolton? Roose Bolton!?!
  • Which Foreign Actor Is Your Soulmate?
    • If it’s not Ryan Gosling, it’s wrong, if it’s not Ryan Gosling, it’s wrong…Godfrey Gao? 5 seconds ago I didn’t even know this person existed. I will retake this quiz until I get Ryan Gosling.
  • How April Ludgate Are You?
    • “You’re not very April at all.” Not very April at all? BuzzFeed are you drunk? I’m not going to check all of your stupid boxes, my answer was “Who cares.” I’m so April Ludgate that I’m not even going to finish this stupid list. This is dumb.


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